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With partnerships across continents, LARGUS PHARMA operates globally in the pharmaceutical trade and distribution, providing healthcare solutions in the area of pharmaceutical logistics, quality control, public tenders, executive training and turnkey projects. We have established partnerships for the distribution of medicinal products, namely for the Republic of Angola, with major pharmaceutical companies, such as Novartis Consumer Health, Sandoz Farmacêutica, Angelini, Ipsen Portugal, among others.

We ensure all types of orders, through the already established partnerships and a vast international network of laboratories, manufacturers and distributors that allow us to cover all therapeutic areas, such as anti-malarial, antipyretic and antihypertensive drugs, antibiotics, anti-tuberculosis drugs, vaccines, cytostatics and psychotropic and narcotic drugs, anaesthetics, reagents, insulin, serums, disposable material, including dressing, suture and catheter material. We also meet the needs of our clients regarding Hospital Furniture, Equipments and medical and hospital resources.

Most of our products are manufactured in Portugal, and the others come from Europe or are provided by manufacturers with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certificate, assuring high quality standards inaccordance to the most demanding criteria.

Directorate General of Health
Food and Drug Administration

World Health Organization
European Medicines Agency